An Outline and Overview of the Arts and Cultural Management Masters Programme:

The 2008/2009 winter term saw the introduction of the "Communication of Art in Museums and the Art Trade" course specialisation, a successful cooperation between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at HHU. The much requested subject has been converted and substantially expanded into a separate "Arts and Cultural Management" masters programme. Unique in all of Germany, the Düsseldorf degree course merges research and teaching in the fields of the communication and management of art and culture. This closes a gap between the growing demand for academically sound studies in these fields and the mostly practice-oriented range of studies at present.

The interdisciplinary programme teaches students competencies in a diverse array of fields related to the communication of art and cultural management. In addition to a systematic basic knowledge of art history and business studies, the programme imparts extensive theoretical and practical skills and teaches and tests art historical concepts of communication and mediation. On top of that, the backbone of the programme is formed by collaboration across faculties in teaching as well as strategic cooperation with a multitude of non-university partners from the eclectic art and cultural landscape of the Rhine-Ruhr area. The regular teaching staff is thus enriched by alternating visiting lecturers renowned in their field and the national and international art and culture scene. Further adding to the diverse range of university teaching, public talks, conferences and discussions take place at frequent intervals at the Haus der Universität, addressing and enhancing the contents of the programme.

The main goal of the masters programme is the development of academic and practical competencies in university research as well as the art and cultural sphere. In addition to specialist knowledge, the programme also teaches professional basics from business studies and art history as well as skills and knowledge in curating, the communication of art, exhibition management, the art trade, human resource management, cultural marketing and art law.

The following goals are at the heart of the "Arts and Cultural Management" programme:

  • to open up and reflectively combine the academic and practical discourses around the communication of art and cultural management
  • to analyse and incorporate the parameters of economy, law and cultural policy in productive conceptualisations
  • to develop specific theoretical and practical skills in the fields of museology, art trade and the communication of art
  • to encourage practically oriented learning and research through external internships, team projects and excursions
  • to promote independently developed study goals and specialisations
  • to build and promote individual interests through diverse interdisciplinary connections

The masters programme prepares graduates for leading positions in the art and cultural sector as well as a subject-relevant doctorate.


Prof. Dr. Ulli Seegers                   

Head of Programme
Professorship II Art and Arts Management
Building: 24.51
Floor/Room: 00.32
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To make an appointment for the office hour, please use the link provided under "Team".

Christine Stender M.A.

Research Assistant
Building: 24.51
Floor/Room: 00.29
Tel.: +49 211 81-14645
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Dr. Sarah Altmann

October 2019 - June 2020
Parental leave replacement for Julia Römhild.

Research Assistant
Buliding: 24.31
Floor/Room: 02.40
Tel.: +49 211 81-11335
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